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Name:Anise Tatlin

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auldrant, baticul, being a loli, being cute, being pampered, causing trouble, cheagles, chiffon cake, colonel jade curtiss, cooking, cooking like a pro, curing gynophobia, daath, death from above, death from behind, doing maximum damage, emperor peony, fairy tales, family, flirting, fon master guardians, fon master ion, fon masters, fonic artes, fonstones, gailardia galan gardios, gald, girl-talk, glomping luke, growing some magnificent melons, guy cecil, hair-ribbons, having a sexy body, helping guy with his.special.problem, hugging guy, keeping the peace, keterburg, kicking butt, killing those bastards, kimlasca, learning to bake, living in a mansion, lorelei, luke fon fabre, luuuuke-samaaa~ ♥, malkuth, man-catching, marrying someone wealthy, men with money, men with titles, mieu, money, more money, my beauty, natalia luzu kimlasca-lanvaldear, natalia's terrible cooking, nephry ball, noblemen, not being a spy, not being blackmailed, oh yeah money, operation marry into money!, overusing the ♥, pamela & oliver, playing dirty, princes, proposals~, puppetry, rappigs, rich people, saving auldrant, selenias, spas, squashing things with tokunaga, srsly not a spy, status, surprise attacks, tear grants, tear's melons, teasing guy, the colonel's coolness, the dawn age, the oracle knights, the order of lorelei, the score, tokunaga, true love, wealth, yulia,
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